Crowdsourcing and participation…

Two posts by Trevor Owen on crowdsourcing in the cultural heritage context and keeping sight of the ‘meaning thing': Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage: The Objectives Are Upside Down Meanification and Crowdscafolding: Forget Badges

A few thoughts on the Living Archive

I’ve been posting some thoughts around my PhD work on this project to my own blog. Here’s a few from the last few months: “Because I say so” (on connections in the archive) Documentation, not things (on content in the archive) Rational reframing (on the design process)

Key messages from Circus Oz for the prototype

A few of the key messages from Circus Oz on how to develop the prototype prior to the community launch in February: 1.  Provide the ability for comments.  This will be particularly useful for finding out what data is wrong eg: ‘Paris’ written on a tape means ‘Paris Theatre Sydney’ not Paris, France. 2. Change the names of the videos…. Read more →

Embedded prototypes

Embedded prototypes

For the initial exploratory development of the living archive, we will be experimenting with the use of an iterative prototyping technique that involves using an ’embedded prototype’. What this means is that we will be building a basic working system, giving the inner Circus Oz community access, and then further developing our design directions and prototypes based on quantitative and… Read more →