Revealing the first Living Archive prototype

Last Friday we drew back the curtain to reveal and test the first working prototype of the Living Archive with some of our key project partners.

Attending were Linda Mickleborough, Robyn McGregor, Clare McKenzie, Miranda O’Brien, Tim Coldwell and Mike Finch from Circus Oz, plus Bridget Jones from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Testing Prototype 1 (photo Adrian Miles)

The prototype now contains nearly 400 shows and growing, plus information on each show such as venue, date, people, and acts.

The workshop provided us with key feedback on how the prototype could develop over the next few months.  I’ll post some of this on the blog once we’ve collated and digested all the new information we have to work with.

Currently only available via our internal server, we aim to release the prototype to a wider group in order to collect more feedback via a password protected online facility early in 2012.


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