Key messages from Circus Oz for the prototype

A few of the key messages from Circus Oz on how to develop the prototype prior to the community launch in February:

1.  Provide the ability for comments.  This will be particularly useful for finding out what data is wrong eg: ‘Paris’ written on a tape means ‘Paris Theatre Sydney’ not Paris, France.

2. Change the names of the videos.  Don’t use the names that were on the tapes as this can be misleading or inappropriate eg: ‘Sue Broadway’s Show’.

3. Remove the minor personnel from the list of people in the show, say ‘Trainers’.  Also remove people who worked offstage, say in the office.  Many people worked in the office and as performers so searching on their name will yield the whole period they worked, not just the shows they’re in.

4. If possible, provide ability to create a showreel.  This might be beyond us at this stage though!

5.  And something we need to do to for our purposes – create secure login.

Comments anyone?

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