Performing Digital: Multiple Perspectives on a Living Archive

We’ve written a book. It’s called Performing Digital: Multiple Perspectives on a Living Archive and today we mailed the manuscript to our publisher, Ashgate UK, who will deliver it to the world in about eight months. We are all-a-flutter with anticipation.

Performing Digital has chapters or contributions from Timo Arnall, Kim Baston, David Carlin, Sebastian Chan, Ross Gibson, Lukman Iwan, Adrian Miles, Kjetil Nordby, Andrew Morrison, Jane Mullett, Laetitia Shand, Reuben Stanton, Peta Tait, James Thom, Laurene Vaughan, Even Westvang and Mitchell Whitelaw.  Many of the contributions had their genesis as papers presented at our Digital Acrobatics symposium held in July last year.

Performing Digital is edited by David Carlin and Laurene Vaughan. They say:

‘This book brings together discussion and analysis from diverse disciplinary perspectives, through the lens of a single digital humanities project, the Circus Oz Living Archive, to open up questions around the deployment of digital archives in the performing arts and beyond. Views from within and outside the project team address issues of the changing cultural position and utility of archives in the digital era; of how digital archives might be designed and the uses to which they might be put.’

It’s a big achievement and we are very grateful to all contributors and members of the larger troupe that has made this possible!

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The finished manuscript

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