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day 1 Thursday 4th July 2013
performing the archive

9.00 registrations

9.45am welcome – David Carlin

10.00am Keynote
Cultural heritage and the digital – Seb Chan

10.30 Panel #1 digital archive
What can/might/does happen to the archive rethought as digital?
Introducing the Circus Oz Living Archive – David Carlin and Laurene Vaughan
Complexity and Culture: Representing the Digital Archive – Mitchell Whitelaw
Designing a living archive: a repository, a platform, an improvisational framework – Reuben Stanton
panel discussion:
Harriet Edquist (moderator), Seb Chan, David Carlin, Laurene Vaughan, Mitchell Whitelaw, Reuben Stanton.

11.45 morning tea

12.15 Panel #2 living archive
What are we designing when we design a ‘living archive’?
Breathing life into research mediation –Andrew Morrison
Creating New Places – Transforming Practices – Laurene Vaughan
Performing design with the archive – Jeremy Yuille
panel discussion:
Mitchell Whitelaw (moderator), Andrew Morrison, Laurene Vaughan, Jeremy Yuille.

1.30 lunch

2.30 Panel #3 digital video
What are the ontology and affordances of digital video?
What is social video? – Adrian Miles
Database design for a living archive of performance video –
James Thom
Automatic video temporal segmentation –
Lukman Iwan
panel discussion:
Ross Gibson (moderator), Adrian Miles, Lukman Iwan, James Thom.

3.45 Panel #4 materials and memories
What happens when the past re-emerges from the archive? What happens when the archive meets the circus?
Pulses in the Past - Ross Gibson
The archive meets the circus: database, performance, carnival – 
David Carlin
Using the past to create the future: the archive as a tool for creativity –
Mike Finch
panel discussion:
Jane Mullett (moderator), Ross Gibson, David Carlin, Mike Finch

5.00 pm End of  day 1

6.30pm ‘In Conversation with…Seb Chan’ (free event)

day 2 Friday 5th July 2013
archive performing

9.30am Registrations

10am keynote day 2
Embracing the Digital Future – Pete Williams

10.30 Panel #5 engagement of communities and audiences
How do cultural institutions and their communities embrace digital change?
Byte the hand that feeds you (how live performance companies are introducing digital strategies to enrich core live creative work and engagement activities) – Bethwyn Serow
No one wants to see the old pole act anymore! – Anni Davey and Olivia Blackburn
Mind the Gap: the Living Archive and museum collecting – Patricia Stokes
panel discussion:
Seb Chan (moderator), Pete Williams, Olivia Blackburn, Anni Davey, Patricia Stokes

11.30 Morning tea

12.00 Panel #6 the performing arts living archive: enabling scholarship 
How can the Living Archive help us understand circus in new ways?
Live Arts: Digitised Circus Bodies – Peta Tait
And now, before your very eyes…The circus act and the archive – Kim Baston
Circus Oz: a reflection on how the Living Archive performs – Jane Mullett
panel discussion:
Laurene Vaughan (moderator) Kim Baston, Peta Tait, Jane Mullett

1.15 Conference Close