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This event has taken place. You can now see videos of the presentations.

This one-and-a-half day symposium discusses questions emerging as attempts are made to rethink and redefine contemporary practices of cultural heritage using digital technologies. In particular, the symposium focuses on the context of the performing arts and its documentation on video, through the lens of an interdisciplinary research project underway since 2010, the Circus Oz Living Archive. Key questions include: What can/might/does happen to the archive conceived as a digital entity? What are the ontology and affordances of digital video? How is the making of a ‘living archive’ performed? How can a living archive live in the world?

The Circus Oz Living Archive project is prototyping and evaluating a ‘living archive‘ built from the digitised Circus Oz performance video collection, that is conceived as a shared online space for creative dialogue on the history and artistic future of Circus Oz. The project researches how digital technologies can help the performing arts employ their documented cultural heritage to drive innovations in repertoire development, performance scholarship and audience interaction.

The symposium is timed to coincide with the pivot point at which the Circus Oz Living Archive project will be nearing the end of its exploratory phase, and transitioning from being a research project based in a design laboratory at RMIT University to a more or less self-sustaining activity incorporated within the culture and systems of the performing arts company itself.

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The format will be short informative presentations followed by lively panel and audience discussions, designed to promote discourse and debate. It will feature the contributions of a group of invited international scholar/practitioners, from the fields of cultural heritage, digital media and archives and design. These presentations will help to frame and situate the Circus Oz Living Archive within broader trajectories of practice in these intersecting fields, as well as to propose critical theoretical perspectives. The audience will also hear the Circus Oz Living Archive project team, including industry partners, reflect on their diverse disciplinary and institutional perspectives on knowledge gained and created through the project thus far.

Who should attend: The symposium aims to generate debate and discussion to inform thinking regarding future research and practice across the cultural sector. The symposium will be of interest to scholars and practitioners from fields of art and cultural heritage, digital media, computer science, performance studies, circus, and all those interested in the ‘performance’ of digital archives.

Outline and Speakers

Free Public Event ‘In Conversation with…Seb Chan’