our pics

Digital Acrobatics Symposium, RMIT Design Hub (4-5 July 2013)

In and out of the tent at Oz Cranked Up (July 2013)

Opening of RMIT Europe and NORDES (June 2013)

Circus Oz performs at opening of Convergence exhibition (May 2, 2013)

Oz Promotional Photos (2013)

Screen shots, various

Champions’ Day (November 2012)

In the RMIT Design Hub (early 2013)

Design Workshop (2012)

Melissa Toh digitising tapes (2012)

Fortnightly meeting at Oz – everyone looking very serious (Sept or Oct 2012)

Prototype Launch “P1 Launch” (May 2012)

Progress Review Meeting (November 2011)

Scenario Workshop (21 July 2011)

Spiegeltent Event (18 May 2011)

Research Day with all Project Partners (Sept 17, 2010)

Select Media (various dates)

Diagrams and Drawings (various dates)

The Existing Video Archive at Circus Oz (circa 2010)

A Variety of Pics from Progress and Development Meetings